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Twill Cotton Belt Balloon Pant - Beige

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This is a wearable belted balloon pants with basic elements such as fabrics
and sewing in a basic pattern with meticulous details added to them.
Using high-quality twill fabric of 20 thread, it is suitable for the four seasons
and has excellent gloss and touch, and the washing process
minimizes deformation and shrinkage and adds luxury to the fabric.
The overall sewing is made of two rows of stitching considering the parts
that are easily splattered, so it is solid and suitable for everyday wear.
The belt has an engraved ANGLAN lettering buckle, and the ANGLAN lettering
in the Satin Stitch technique, embroidered with fine poly thread
on the back pocket, adds a sense of luxury.
Fastening is a button and fastening buckle strap for added convenience,
and the tip of the strap is neatly finished with 40-thread high density tape.
The silhouette of the voluminous balloon pants
made by considering the appropriate length.
It shows the WIDE CASUAL mood, the symbol of ANGLAN.

Fabric : Cotton 100%