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Made in France.

KLEMAN shoes have survived the fashion effects by offering a raw and authentic unisex style. Our models will charm both men and women who seek a certain efficiency in a pure and uncompromising style. Our PADROR leather tyrolean shoe and other references of boots or derbies have remained unchanged since the 1980s. A sober and functional worker shoe which now dresses a new generation of talented urban dwellers around the world. KLEMAN sets up the professional shoe as a real accessory of a timeless workwear style.

With a heritage of more than 75 years, the Cléon manufacture is recognized for its technical know-how and its high standards in terms of the quality and harmless of raw materials. Making shoes in France is an integral part of our family history. But it is also and above all a commitment to support and perpetuate the French know-how which is tending to disappear.

The Cléon manufacture employs nearly 45 people in its workshop located in La Romagne (Maine-et-Loire). Men and women with confident and precise gestures craft our shoes that our style team designed in the offices next door.