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Recycled Cotton Heavy T-Shirt - Black

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The UPCYCLED COTTON PROJECT started with the FW21 Recycled Cotton 5 Pocket Denim series.
During the apparel manufacturing process each season, the leftover cotton and waste are collected, crushed and turned into thread to create raw material for next season’s production.
Additionally, we collect used garments at our stores and recycle the cotton materials, creating a Snow Peak Apparel upcycling initiative, started in FW21.

This line is designed to be easy to wear and layer in both HOME and CAMP environments, regardless of age or gender.
These items are intended to be a staple lineup. Items in this project will come with original tags made of recycled cotton and recycled paper.
* The percentage of recycled cotton used will increase with each season.

The Recycled Cotton Sweat series is made of heavyweight and durable sweat material.
When wearing these items, you will be relaxed and comfortable, in both HOME and CAMP scenes.
The items are made with a durable outer fabric for camping, so that pilling will not easily occur, even after washing.

The top thread is dyed at the cotton stage, and is used for all colors. The line uses a melange outer fabric to reduce friction and color loss when it is washed, so that you can wear it for a long time without the fading that is common in sweat apparel.