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OG Stripe Seersucker Shirt - Orange

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This shirt is made of seersucker fabric from the Oringal Garments® line. The word seersucker originates from the Persian word shi-o-shakar, meaning milk and sugar, and it is changed to shirushaka meaning wrinkles and shrinkage. (shirushakar) became After that, it went to India and became the Hindi word shirsaker, and in 1722 it entered the British world with the fabric (shrink-striped cotton fabric from India), where it was called shirsaker. It has a wavy texture to prevent the fabric from sticking to the body. It is comfortable to wear in summer, and it is convenient to wash and has the advantage of not having to iron separately. It has a moderate thickness and can be worn as a single item. It is made with a natural oversized fit that is not excessive, so anyone can wear it comfortably. ※ This product is a carry-over product and a new color has been added.