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OG Pigment Dyeing Hoodie - Purple

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It is a product newly renewed with the original pigment dyeing hoodie 002 version of the Original Garments® line. There are many opinions that it is too heavy and thick, so we made a heavyweight fabric with a weight of about 850g per yd to reduce the excessive weight while maintaining the existing rigidity. After going through a scouring process (removing impurities) with a 100% cotton combed yarn at a temperature of 70~80℃, it goes through tenta processing at 190~200℃ and fixes the fabric to set it so that it does not shrink any further. This minimizes wrinkles or distortions that may occur during dyeing, enables stable work, and naturally shows the vintage color, which is the biggest attraction of pigment dyeing products, due to several washing processes. The front and rear patterns are different so that the shoulder line can fall naturally, and the hood has the advantage of being well-shaped due to the solid fabric. In the case of the high-density string used, it was dyed at high pressure with the product so that it could have the same color. The more you wash, the more the vintage color is revealed, and it is a product that you can enjoy the change accordingly. It is a pullover hoodie with a simple yet unique feeling, such as pigment dyeing's unique color, heavy-weight fabric that gives a heavy feel, and pattern design for comfortable wear. ※ Due to the nature of pigment products, there may be slight measurement differences for each individual due to the strong washing process, and please refer to the detailed product photos for color.