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OG Pigment Dyeing Half Tee - Purple

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It is a product designed to make T-shirts with the highest durability as a product of the Original Garments® line. In the case of fabric, it is woven with a newly knit 10-count single heavyweight fabric, and has a soft touch with strong washing processing. In the case of the most intensively developed neckline part, the lip with excellent resilience was double-worked to ensure that it never stretches. It is designed to double wrap the neck and prevent sagging, but it shows the shape that wraps around the neck naturally as you wear it. After completing the product, garment dyeing was applied to create a subtle yet unique color. Since we work at high temperatures, we have maximized the shrinkage rate of the product, so there is no shrinkage during subsequent washing. It is a very tricky job because even a slight difference in temperature and time can result in a different product. An incision is made at the bottom of both sides to consider activity, and it is a product that allows for comfortable and natural wearing by applying an oversized fit that is not excessive.