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OG Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie - Brick

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As a product of the Original Garments® line, it is a hoodie made of heavyweight fabric with a weight of 850g per yd. It is a newly developed fabric from yarn. The front part uses 100% cotton yarn and the inside of the fabric is woven with processed polyester blend yarn so that it has a definite thickness and a soft touch. If you touch it with a fabric that complements the shortcomings of the existing various heavyweight fabrics, you can clearly feel the difference. When weaving the fabric, shrinkage is prevented as much as possible by narrowing the dojo as much as possible and processing the washing process several times. As a result of requesting the inspection to the Korea FITI Testing & Research Institute, the data shows that the shrinkage rate is around 1% at most, which is a figure that can be considered almost non-shrinkable. In Case of the hood line, I caught a spare pattern, and in case of strings, Ivory color was used to save the feeling of vintage sweat products. In the case of the pattern, a drop shoulder was applied to the front and a raglan pattern was applied to the back, and the resulting incision line creates a natural shoulder line. In the case of the overall sense of size, it is made with a natural oversized fit that is not excessive, so anyone can wear it comfortably. You can feel the firmness of the fabric itself, and it is good to wear as a single item as it holds the silhouette well when wearing the product. Since it is a basic item, it was planned to make a hoodie that is faithful to the essence, and it is produced with high perfection. With simple details and a neat silhouette, this product is perfect for daily use. ※ This product is made of newly developed fabric as a carryover product and new colors have been added.