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OG Double Rib Oversized Tee - White

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Original Garments® line products designed to make T-shirts with the highest durability. In the case of fabric, it is woven with a newly developed high-density 20-piece, 2-piece (10-piece) heavyweight fabric, and it has a higher density than the commonly used 10-piece heavyweight fabric, so you can feel the firmness compared to its relatively thin thickness. In the case of the neckline, which has been developed most intensively, it is designed and manufactured so that it never stretches by double working the lip with excellent resilience. Because it covers the neck twice, it may feel a bit uncomfortable when first worn, but it shows a shape that naturally wraps the neck as you wear it. An incision is made at the bottom of both sides to consider activity, and an oversized fit that is not excessive is applied for a comfortable and natural fit. It is developed in a variety of colorways to broaden the choice, and is a good T-shirt for use in four seasons. ※This product is made of newly developed fabric as a carry-over product, and new colors have been added.