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Laboratory Perfumes - Eau De Toilette - Amber

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Amber follows the wearer through their day, evolving as the hours pass and bringing out different component notes as the tempo changes. Its dynamic burst of grassiness and greenery matches the energy of morning, subtly maturing into rich spice as the day continues. Closing notes of warm, earthy wood and balmy ambergris bring a more subdued, reflective tone to the fragrance as evening draws in.

“A breezy British accord of grasses, spices and woods, this manages to be both subtle and durable, thanks to the warmth of its eponymous note.”
 – The Times

Laboratory Perfumes scents are made in the UK with non-animal-derived ingredients and are therefore Vegan. Ingredients used are socially-conscious, environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free.


The brand is plastic-free and all glass, card and paper used in their packaging is sustainably sourced and widely recycled.