Spence Blades - High Carbon Steel Chef’s Knife

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Cut from high carbon Swedish steel, this hand crafted 8” chefs knife is some of the finest work we’ve seen from Spence Blades.

Working from his studio workshop in Surrey, Will Spence makes every component to his stunning knives. This handle is made from 5000 year old English Bog Oak, hollowed and fitted by hand to give perfect balance and weight while using.

Having spent some time working with Japanese knife makers on a trip to Japan, Will uses mixes Japanese techniques with traditional European methods. This knife features a beautiful Hamon (刃文), literally meaning ‘blade pattern’ left by the heat treading process where a clay is applied to the knife creating a harder cutting edge than spine. A technique used in Japan since the 8th century BC.

Please know that this item is completely Pro Bono. We are only selling this on behalf of the maker and do not make any profit. We like to support local artists and makers where we can and showcase their work to our audience.