Novesta - Star Dribble - Beige/Transparent

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With the same silouette as the iconic Starmaster, the Star Dribble is Novesta's answer to the hi-top baseketball shoe. Still featuring the signature toecap and rubber soles that are machine pressed onto the body of the shoe and then finished by hand.

  • Handmade in Slovakia
  • Vegan

A note from Curated Man: we find Novesta Starmasters and Star Dribbles to come up big, we reccomend sizing down by one size!

Curated Man Size Guide:

41 - UK7 (fits 7-8)

42 - UK8 (fits 8-9)

42.5 - UK8.9 (fits 9-9.5)

43 - UK9 (fits 9-10)

44 - UK10 (fits 10-11)

45 - UK11 (fits 11-12)