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Balmacaan Hunting Coat - Navy

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This Balmacan coat is made with a relaxed oversized silhouette. The quality is improved by using the high-density CPN (cotton/polyester/nylon fabric) fabric mainly used in hunting jackets. Three pockets were installed on the front side to give design fun, and the large pocket at the bottom is 2way and has a side hand pocket detail. Each color gives a different feeling, and it has a trendy silhouette with a length that slightly covers the knee when worn. Because there is no shoulder line, it is good to coordinate with inners such as hoodies and t-shirts, and it is a good product to layer with various inners and outers. In the case of the lining, a cotton and polyester blend fabric was used to give it a warm feeling, and the main button was given a point by using a brown button. A button fastening detail was installed in the opening at the bottom of the back so that it can be coordinated according to your taste. This coat features a comfortable fit by applying a relaxed pattern based on a simple silhouette.