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Origin: British

Aesthetic: Workwear inspired, practical, colourful and playful.

Go too for: Boilersuits! Utilitarian yet sill flattering and sympathetic to the female form.

L.F.Markey is a collection of modern, feminine women’s clothing, inspired by workwear and utility. Known for their use of bold and bright fabrics as well as their core selection of denim pieces.

Namesake and ex-Burberry designer, Louise Markey - a Masters graduate from Central Saint Martins used her love of by traditional bleus de travail and artist’s smocks as the inspiration behind the aesthetic for her brand L.F Markey.

L.F.Markey is renowned for its contemporary variations of workwear staple pieces, including signature boilersuits, chore coats, dungarees, work pants, and jeans.

The brand prides itself on prioritising ethical manufacturing, fair working conditions and living wages, and slow, sustainable fashion. 

Each boutique-sized factory in Vietnam and China as well as any off-site units are meticulously and consistently monitored by their locally based agents. They also conduct regular visits to make sure all workers are paid good living wages and are working in happy and safe conditions.

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